Saturday, May 7, 2011

Park time

Since it was such a beautiful Spring morning today the little guy and I went to the park. He thought the wood chips were cool and thankfully he never put them in his mouth (surprising, I know).


He loved running around and touching these letters. He liked riding on the bumblebee see-saw and sliding down the slides (or climbing up them). And he loved "driving" with the plastic steering wheel. He also liked peeking through the holes in playground to see who was beneath him.

He only gave me a heart attack once so that is pretty impressive. This boy is sure active and daring, but I already knew that :) I was following him around the whole time in case he decided to just step off the playground steps instead of sitting and scooting off or in case he decided to go head first down the slide again....

All in all, he had fun which means I had fun, too! A sunny morning well spent.

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