Thursday, May 5, 2011

National Prayer Day

Even though I pray every night and numerous times during the day, today I will say some extra prayers because it is National Prayer Day.

Here is what I am praying for:

Continued health for my family

Some relief and much needed good luck for J and her family

Japan and the Pacific Islands to continue to recover and rebuild

All those in the South that were hurt, scared, lost everything due to the tornadoes last week

That the flooding from the Mississippi stops

For a healthy LB #5 to be born in September, and a smooth pregnancy for A


Continued strength and courage

Our troops and their families

The babies and families that are in the NICU

Peace in the world

People stop being childish, petty and competitive and realize the bigger and more important picture

The gas prices to go down because paying over $4.50 is just plain disgusting

All the sick kids and babies, that God gives them and their families strength and guidance

Some positive outcomes on my third year of looking for a full-time teaching job

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