Friday, April 29, 2011

A real fairy tale!

This is where the idea of girls becoming princesses and living "the fairy tale" comes from! A woman literally marrying a prince + looking beautiful in an exquisite elegant gown + church bells ringing as they exit as a married couple + being carried away in a horse-drawn carriage + waving and smiling to the onlookers = any fairy tale I have ever read :)

I awoke just after 4:30 am to watch the royal wedding and it was quite a sight. So many sweet, "normal" moments during the whole ceremony between Prince William and Kate (or should I saw Duke and Dutchess). Kate looked gorgeous and I loved her simple,elegant,classic dress; and William was very handsome and dapper in his military best.

It was a cute moment to see Harry look behind as Kate slowly  walked down the incredibly long aise and then whispered to William that she was almost there. And when Kate finally arrived at the alter and William just smiled and stared at her and told her she looked beautiful.

Also, it was funny that he had to squeeze the ring on her finger, someone must have measured wrong :). And I loved that during the ceremony they would just glance over at each and smile at the same time. You can really tell that they are genuinely in love.

The balcony moment was just as wonderful, again they looked so relaxed, joyful, in love and excited. Plus, two kisses :)

I must admit that it is nice to see a famous couple marrying just for love;that reason alone. Not because they have to or because they are forced to, but because they have dated and grown to know one another for years and years and just want to be together for the rest of their lives. Magical, I tell ya!

Although I did think it was odd that Pippa was wearing a white dress as well...or is it just me? However, that gown, too, was extremly goregous.

And is it the royal rule/procedure that they don't kiss in the church at the end of the ceremony? I was surprised that their first kiss as a betrothed couple (that we all saw) was on the balcony....

For my first ever Royal Wedding experience I thought it was superb and fun to watch. What did you think?

Here is another picture of Kate's lovely gown...just beacuse it deserves to be seen again :)

Oh and I can't forget the very adorable bridesmaids and pageboys! Look at those outfits!! Storybook, I tell ya!

Sidenote: I did go back to sleep for two hours after all the excitement.

Thanks to google for all the images...

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