Sunday, April 24, 2011

Lenten mission accomplished

Happy Easter!!

As I mentioned at the start of Lent, my mission for the 40 days was to read the Psalms, all 150 of them. And I did it! I really enjoyed it too, plus I feel like now my relationship is a little bit stronger with Him.

Words that stick out in my mind after reading the Psamls: hope, strength, courage, enemy, along with, home, coward, hate, love, pleading, asking, praise, goodness, save, guide, great, sing, bless, fear, raise up, thanks.

Here are some of my favorites that I marked:

Psalm 2:12 "...Happy all who take shelter in him."
(All of ) Psalm 23
Psalm 27:14: "Put your hope in Yahweh, be strong, let your heart be bold, put your hope in Yahweh."
Psalm 37:4: "...Make Yahweh your only joy and He will give you what your heart desires."
Psalm 52: 8: "...I, for my part, like an olive tree growing in the house of God, put my trust in God's love for ever and ever."
Psalm 62:5-8: "Rest in God alone, my soul! He is my source of hope; with him alone for my rock, my safety, my fortress, I can never fall; rest in God, my safety, my glory,the rock of my strength. In God, I find shelter; rely on him people, at all times; unburden your hearts to him, God is shelter for us."
Psalm 71:3-4: "Be a sheltering rock for me, a walled fortress to save me! For you are my rock, my fortress."
Psalm 91:14-16: "I rescue all who cling to me, I protect whoever knows my name, I answer everyone who invokes me, I am with them when they are in trouble; I bring them safety and honour. I give them life, long and full, and show them how I can save."
Psalm 100: 5: "Yes, Yahweh is good, his love is everlasting, his faithfulness endures from age to age."
Psalm 116:10: "I have faith, even when I say, 'I am completely crushed'."
(All of ) Psalm 130
Psalm 136: "His love is everlasting."
(All of ) Psalm 138
(All of ) Psalm 139
Psalm 145:13-15: "...Always true to his promises, Yahweh shows his love in all does. Only stumble, and Yahweh at once supports you, if others bow you down, he will raise you up."

I hope you have a nice day celebrating the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus, without whom we have nothing.

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