Friday, February 18, 2011

followed my brothers....

To spice up the usual friday link-ups, I decided to join in on Kelly's topic this week. It is all about your alma mater. I followed my brothers to the best university there is....U of I at urbana-champaign!! I LOVEDDDD my experience there and I would go back in a jiffy. I transfered there for my last two years of college and majored in elementary education. I had some friends that went there as well so I wasn't too lonely (although I will admit I was home sick for the first week or two).

The campus was awesome, so big and beautiful. I was able to walk or bike to anywhere I wanted. There is so much history there and it was just a fun, lively place to be. I loved walking around Green St and crossing through the Armory. There were lots of restaurants, stores and shops right on campus and a weekly date at Starbucks was a must as well. It was fun shopping at Schnuks and gas was always way cheaper down there :) Being from the Chicago area the weather was nothing new (although they sure have a lack-luster way of plowing their roads when it snows....). I loved rooting (and still do) for the Illini basketball team and football games were always on the weekend to-do list for those that had tickets. Being a part of this big university was the right choice for me and I am proud to be of U of I Alum!

I will always bleed orange and blue and HATE any other big 10 team :)




  1. What great memories! My cousin is a professor there and loves it!

    Tamar - linking from Kelly's blog

  2. I-L-L I-N-I! I was class of '08 in Political Science I was an avid Schnucks shopper and a member of Block I for football! Just wandered here over from Kelly's Korner and thought I'd paint your blog orange =)


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