Friday, February 4, 2011

done, for real...

i am really, really, really done with watching greys anatomy. i started watching it when it first aired all those years ago; my mom and i wouldn't miss an episode and we swooned over (and still do) mcdreamy. it had a great three seasons and then it just stated becoming ridiculous. i was tired of the unhappiness of all the characters, the high school drama, the on-and-off mer and der; i mean come on, that isn't real life! and i felt like the cast of characters started to get out of control (and it still grows...).  so i gave it up, i was done with it....and stayed strong up until last season's finale. i heard that it was just so good and well-written, like the original seasons, so i watched it and was hooked again. although i will admit, that it still isn't like real life, they are still messing around with mer-der, and no one can just be happy. but i decided to give it another go and started watching it again this season. i was enjoying it too, up until that last episode when callie (whom i have never liked) found out she is pregnant with her "friend", mcsteamy's, baby. WHAT THE HECK?! STUPID!!

so i really am done with this show. it has gone back to being an annoying, unrealistic, night-time soap opera.

did anyone else get trapped back in like me? anyone else like this show (still)?

happy weekend!

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