Thursday, November 18, 2010

thoughts on a thursday

i don't really have a topic for a post today; just a bunch of nonsense thoughts.....

i can't believe it will be Thanksgiving this time next week! where has november gone?!?!

i am proud to admit that i didn't get one starbucks drink last week! not a single one! no real reason either, i just didn't go....well and i was sick one day

i am excited because today when i go get my one allotted fancy drink from starbucks i will receive a free one. they are having a promotion from today (the 18th) thru sunday (the 21st) that when you go in between 2pm-5pm and order a holiday drink, you will get another for free!

i have bought a couple more Christmas gifts

i bought a super sleek and cute dress at von maur the other day. and it was half off!! a sweet steal!

i am a sucker for a good, cheesy, light holiday tv movie on either the hallmark channel or lifetime. yep, they get me every time :)

i am pleased with the outcome of last night's finale of top chef just desserts

i am pumped for tonight's new episode of burn notice

i am enjoying my day off....

happy thursday everyone!

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