Wednesday, January 21, 2015

a beautiful movie

American Sniper (2014) Poster

American Sniper

I saw this amazing film on Monday with my Dad (who is a Vietnam (Army) Vet) and we both walked out of the theater with tear stained eyes and even more pride for our men and women who fight to serve and protect our Country.

I am still thinking about Chris Kyle and his family, and all our soldiers.

I thought this movie was done very well,it told Chris' story honestly and it showed a loving, strong,passionate, humble,family centered man behind the Seal uniform. I loved the dedication and rawness that Clint Eastwood and his team brought to this War story. This isn't a movie that is just about Iraq, it is about how one man stands up for his Country and all those that he loves again and again and again and again. It shows one Seal's life outside of the War and how he realizes that sometimes enough is enough and you need to accept that. It tells the story of how one Seal comes home and continues to help his fellow soldiers readjust and heal.

I only found out that Chris wrote a book a couple days before American Sniper came out so I am really looking forward to reading that and learning more about the man and Seal that Chris was and how his wife and family shaped him.

While watching this movie I forgot that Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller were the actors because they did a mesmerizing job of portraying Chris and Taya.

This movie was beautiful-go see it, go see it just to support our Troops!

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