Wednesday, October 8, 2014

wednesday's thoughts

How in the world is it October 8th?!! this year has FLOWN by (and I do recall saying that same thing last year and it's true once again).

October is one of my favorite months because of the start of Fall and everything pumpkin related.

I just painted my nails in Blakhawks colors, I am so ready and excited for the season to start TOMORROW!

My long weekend in Omaha was glorious! I explored more of that neat city with some of my family and ate a lot of delicious food.

I am really enjoying watching : madam secretary and scorpion and ncis:new orleans

I am loving that I can bring out and wear my brown boots and scarves again!!

Kristina McMorris has a new book, I am on page four and enjoy it already :)

Wine night with Bestie K tonight!!

Lunch and Gone Girl on Monday with some of the Besties. (Thank you Columbus day and for being a teacher!).

Trader Joe's has pumpkin jojos---must try them! And their pumpkin coffee!

It is almost friday....!!

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  1. I've always thought Omaha would be such a neat place to see


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