Monday, October 27, 2014

a lovely weekend

I had a lovely weekend and for not super spectacular reason,it was just a nice Fall weekend.

The weather was sunny and warm (60s!)

I babysat on Friday night for one of my favorites and then on Saturday night for the Lovebugs 2 and 4.

I soaked up pumpkin: two pumpkin lattes, pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin beer and pumpkin lasagna.

The pumpkin lasagna was scrumptious and so easy AND it was a last-minute change from squash to pumpkin.

I spent a couple of hours with my Mom on Sunday while we ran errands;that hasn't happened in a long time and it was nice.

For Halloween I will be BatGirl! I think my Kindergartners will like it,too.

The Blackhawks ended on a good weekend note with a win!

The Besties and I spiced up our weekly coffee date and met up for brunch. Tasty and it was nice catching up.

How was yours?

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