Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful for:

  • God,without Him,I have nothing. As stubborn as I may be,I know this is true
  • Family,they make me feel loved and special and always support me
  • Friends,these ladies are my Besties and make my Saturdays that more special as we catch up and chat over our coffees. I love these girls!
  • Coffee,makes my morning and is a treat
  • My job,even if it isn't where I thought I would be/want to be, it allows me to be a teacher and the kiddos do have their funny and sweet moments
  • Good books,nothing better
  • Tv shows,they help me unwind and suck me into their stories and characters
  • My health
  • My car
  • Traveling,I have been blessed this year to have gone on some wonderful trips
  • My Home
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Enjoy this day with friends and family and eat some tasty food!

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