Sunday, July 28, 2013

weekend in Omaha

So this weekend was an extra long one,I took thursday/friday off and drove West to Omaha with my older sister J,so we could hang out with our brother B and sis-in-law K and our other brother M drove over from the Midwest too :)

Thursday night
We all gathered at B&K's house for a drink then we went over to a nearby bar for dinner before going back to the house for chilling,talking on the front porch then crashing in front of a movie.

J, M and I went to a big,but rather boring and over-priced resale shop then had delicious (fish) tacos for lunch then went downtown for walking around shops and having happy hour while we waited for B and K to join us for more walking around and dinner. We also stopped for Jones Bros cupcakes to take home for dessert...and we spent the rest of the night on their porch,taking!

After a leisurely morning, we all went to a local-ish Wildlife Park where we could drive through Elk and Bison land. It was a super cheap and neat experience,even though we drive so slowly on the paths it is still so cool to be so darn close to the animals. And we were able to get out and walk on other paths to see some owls,wolves and birds.

After the Wildlife outing we stopped for some delicious fresh made sub sandwiches then headed over to Dillards Clearance Store where all of us stocked up on super-marked down shoes!

Then us girls and boys split up for a couple hours then we met back at the house for grilling,drinks and smores!

Again, we spent the night outside,talking before our fire went out and we went inside for some Bridesmaids watching before we all fell asleep.

A very fun weekend spent with some of my siblings :)

Happy Monday!

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