Monday, June 10, 2013

Guest Blogger: Ashley!

Today's post is extra special because it is from the lovely Ashley! She is a such a sweetheart and a loving,dedicated mother to her three kiddos (can you say hands-full?!) yet she still has time to blog about it all and make me laugh with her stories.

Thanks so much,Ashley for being my very first guest blogger!! What a treat :)

Hey lovely readers!  I was lucky enough to be able to guest post for Victoria today!  My first guest post and I could not be more excited!  And I get to talk about one of my most favorite things!


I believe in getting lost in a book.  Have you ever read a book that sucked you in so much that once it was over you felt a little sad?  Happens to me with the right book.  But how do you find the right book?  The best way I have found is to listen to what others were saying about it.  
"I couldn't put it down!"
"I read until 3 a.m.!"
Usually if a friend of mine says anything along these lines, I'll give those books a shot.
Another way to almost assure you're getting another great read is to follow an author. I've read all that's written by two separate authors.  Their writing style has always pulled me in and I read there books cover to cover in a matter of days.

I also believe in learning.
I believe in putting new information into our brains until the day we leave this Earth.
"Who would want to read a text book?"
Not many probably :)
I have learned a lot about life from biographies, Christian Fiction, The Bible, historical fiction.
There are so many ways to gain knowledge without having to open up a boring old text book.  
(And where would you even get your hands on one once you graduate??)

These are just tidbits of why I keep reading and trying to learn.  Thanks if you made it to the end of this jumble and keep reading fellow book lover Victoria's space on the www!

(And here is my dream house.  Seriously.  Just put a bed and a fridge in there.  I'm set.)

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