Saturday, June 29, 2013

Blackhawks Parade

Yesterday morning was an early start, a long wait in the hot sun,being a part of massive crowds, watching some rude and drunk people, watching some stupid people, great people watching and ONE HECK OF A TIME!!!

Good Morning,Chicago! Taking the train down...

One of the many crowds we were a part of,they were endless and all over Chicago...

Besties: K,P,B

We got PRIME front row Parade seats and we waited the 2+hrs by chatting,people watching and laughing...

I loved these banners,one for each player!!

Hello, Police, a rather fine job you guys did,even on a hot morning!

Thanks USO and other Sponsers...

Here they come!!!


Lord Stanley + Toews

Toews and the Cup!

Hey Hossa!!

Some of the guys...

More of the best Hockey team :)


Bolland,the game winning& Cup winning goal scorer

More of my favorite guys,hey there Sharp!!

Confetti + Hawks!

Go Hawks!!

Coach Q


The last of the Blackhawks!

More Blackhawk pride around town...

More crowds...

The Confetti was neat

Thanks Boys for bringing the Cup back here and letting us be a part of your celebration!!!! I for one cannot wait for next season to start :)

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  1. awesome pictures! glad you had a great time!


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