Saturday, May 25, 2013

season finales (part three)

Remember,don't read if you haven't seen these yet,spoiler alert!

Hawaii Five-O
They still have one darn cliffhanger/open story line and of course it still centers around Wo Fat;he just needs to go away for good,he is annoying. I don't know who is behind that door,I guess more bad guys but I wonder how Steve will be able to get out of that on his own. And I really want Steve to propose to Katherine already but no luck so far,I mean,come on,how many chances is he going to get?! I hope Kono comes back next season,I like her,even if she can be a little dumb sometimes. It was sweet to see Chin Ho call that girl back,he deserves happiness again...and Danny's girlfriend finally showed up again,hooray! I can't wait til next season!

Chicago Fire
I feel so bad for Shay,she just wants a baby and now she has to watch Kelly's ex be pregnant (which by the way,I am not surprised Kelly finally knocked someone up,since he is such a ladies' man). Poor sad Casey!! I hope Dawson doesn't kiss him though, I don't think they would make a good couple. And hooray,looks like the big baby Mills is going to be a police officer lol;what a dramatic switch from fireman! Good riddance, I say! I hope Molly's bar is going to still do well even with that other big bar moving in down the street (I would much rather go to a smaller Fireman's bar than a big loud nobody bar)!! I am happy for Christopher and his wife with baby Kenny,too cute that all was. And I hope Mouch and his girlfriend are happy together. Next season,let's go, I am excited!

Man,I felt so sad for Juliet,she never can catch a break,whether it is her because of her own evil doing or not. At least she found out the truth about her Mom's actions so hopefully that will help her. And Deacon, no no no, poor guy,drinking after being sober for thirteen years is not a good idea. There goes all your hard work;plus you scared Scarlet and you are proving to everyone that you are NOT suitable or responsible to be a father to Maddie. I sure hope the car accident makes him realize these things,he will hopefully get another chance with Maddie and Rayna. I just laughed when Teddy found out his ex mistress/girlfriend is pregnant,sucker,that is what happens when you are bad! And Gunnar proposes to Scarlet,hooray,I hope she says yes,they are so sweet together. Next season should be just as addictive as this one :)

Criminal Minds
Phew,all of the team made it out alive :) I was worried for a second about Rossi though! I love their family-esque last scenes that they usually have in each episode,puts a less scary moment into the show.

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  1. I love Nashville! I can't wait for the new season to start in the fall:)


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