Wednesday, May 29, 2013


in one week i will be in Cali visiting my brother M and his family!

i still have to pack and attend to a bunch of little things

dinner is in the crockpot,i love that invention since dinner has been done since 8 this morning :)

i am hoping my job prospect turns out to be a home run,it sounds great and would be awesome,so i hope i hear from them soon

i am reading the secret keeper and liking it, but i normally enjoy Kate Morton

the blackhawks have another big,nerve wracking game tonight,i am anxious (so i can only imagine how the players feel!)

i want to paint my toenails...this weekend i guess

i went to the zoo today with the Sis and Lovebug #4,fun times as always

the glades and longmire returned this past sunday,hooray!

burn notice is coming back next week!

anyone want to guest post for me next week? email me if you do! minetolive (at) hotmail (dot) com

happy wednesday! happy hump day!

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