Wednesday, April 24, 2013

right now...

i am hyped up on the last two episodes of the following that i just watched (man that show is wacky and gross but i just can't stop watching)

i have a lack-of-caffeine headache

i want to take a nap

i don't want to fill out or update or resubmit more job applications,i am so tired of it all

i can't believe i stayed up till after 12:30 reading the rest of don't go by lisa scottoline;it was so good i just couldn't stop until i finished it

i know i need to find and book my California hotel

i am loving my two recent Etsy purchases (i will show you them next week,promise!)

i am so glad that Argo wasn't a disappointing movie, it was an interesting story i never knew about and it was very well done

i am anxious to have my stitches in my foot removed tomorrow;i can't wait to take a normal shower again

i am looking forward to my homemade pork tacos for dinner--yum!

i can't stop listening to the lumineers cd,so darn good!

i can't believe it is the end of April...where has this year gone?!

i am looking forward to the weekend,even though it will be a very busy one!


happy wednesday!

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  1. Stitches? This is the first I hear of it! The Kalifornia Ks are really behind the loop at times. I blame the husband lol


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