Thursday, April 18, 2013

birthday recap

It was a dreary day,weather wise,but I did feel the extra love and happy thoughts sent my way all day.

Breakfast was accompanied by tulips (courtesy of Bestie K!) and birthday confetti with a card from my parents. And I wore my new coach poppy perfume (thanks to Bestie P!) to spice up my day.

Before heading to work, I stopped at Starbucks for my free birthday drink: grande-nonfat-no whip-raspberry-mocha frapp!

Darn groopdeals! I treated myself to a chevron scarf...

I spent the majority of my day with this awesome little dude :)

 He talked me into a Target trip before story I finally bought The Lumineers cd and he walked out with a new Batman mask+Batarang. Thanks, Bestie E for my Target gift card!!

For lunch I made grilled cheese, some veggie straws and fresh strawberries+banana.

 Lovebug #4 made me a birthday card while we did some crafts. He thought of it on his own too.

 I made fettuccine alfredo for dinner,yum. And of course a nice glass of red wine was called for :)

My super delicious chocolate cake!

Turning 26 wasn't so bad :)

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