Friday, March 15, 2013

book club

Thanks,Heather & Katie!

This week, I read:

Julie Garwood's Fire and Ice

Sophie Summerfield Rose, an energetic and determined newspaper reporter, dreams of cracking the big story, but for the time being is relegated to writing articles about local events for a small Chicago publication, the Illinois Chronicle.
Her assignment to write about William Harrington, an arrogant, self-involved man who is poised to win his 25th 5K race, turns into an agonizing interview that lasts over two hours. What happens the next day at the race, however, sends Sophie on an adventure that takes her all the way to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.
She is joined by Jack MacAlister, tough undercover FBI agent, whose mission is to keep Sophie safe. Amid great peril and deadly intrigue in the unforgiving Alaskan terrain, she and Jack form an alliance sparked with sensual attraction. Together they face a deadly enemy who will stop at nothing to keep them from unraveling the mystery of the secret Alpha Project.
Sophie not only finds the big story she's looking for in Alaska. She becomes the story.

(thanks to her website)

I truly enjoyed this novel;it was fast-paced and the romance didn't really come into play until the end which made you focus more on each character and the whole mystery. I didn't see the last bad guy coming though,good twists. It has hard to go wrong with the sweet, funny, real, sexy characters that center each of Julie's novels tough. I give an A.

Kristan Higgins' The Best Man

Faith Holland left her hometown after being jilted at the altar. Now a little older and wiser, she’s ready to return to the Blue Heron Winery, her family’s vineyard, to confront the ghosts of her past, and maybe enjoy a glass of red. After all, there’s some great scenery there....
Like Levi Cooper, the local police chief—and best friend of her former fiancĂ©. There’s a lot about Levi that Faith never noticed, and it’s not just those deep green eyes. The only catch is she’s having a hard time forgetting that he helped ruin her wedding all those years ago. If she can find a minute amidst all her family drama to stop and smell the rosĂ©, she just might find a reason to stay at Blue Heron, and finish that walk down the aisle.
(thanks to her website)

I have been waiting since her last novel ended for another installment of her work;I adore her writing and light-hearted and warming stories of love.  Levi and Faith and funny yet realistic characters and it was great being drawn into a small NY wine-growing town. Their attraction is a mess at first but eventually they both figure it out and give into being happy. A sweet,hilarious story;I always find myself laughing out loud while reading. I give it an A.

Happy Reading!

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