Friday, March 1, 2013

book club

This week,I read:

Invisible by Carla Buckley
A devastating secret compels Dana Carlson to flee from home, not to see or speak to her sister, Julie, for sixteen years. When she receives the news that Julie is seriously ill, Dana knows that she must return to their hometown of Black Bear, Minnesota, to try and save her sister. Yet she arrives too late, only to discover that Black Bear has changed, and so have the people in it.

I was not a fan of this book,I felt like it really left you hanging in the end and you just wanted there to be a bit more to the resolution. The characters were decent though,you really felt for the families affected. I give this a D.
(thanks to her website)

All She Ever Wanted by Rosalind Noonan
book cover of 

All She Ever Wanted 


Rosalind Noonan
For years, Chelsea Maynard has longed to be a mother. She's imagined caring for a new baby in the lovely house she shares with her husband, Leo, fondly planning every detail. But after a difficult birth, those dreams of blissful bonding evaporate. Chelsea battles sleep deprivation and feelings of isolation. Little Annabelle cries constantly, and Chelsea has dark visions fueled by exhaustion and self-doubt. Her sister, Emma, insists she gets help for post-partum depression, but Chelsea's doctor dismisses her worries as self-indulgent.Doubting her ability to parent--even doubting her own sanity--Chelsea is close to collapse. Then an unthinkable crisis hits. And suddenly, Chelsea is compelled to face both the fragility and resilience of life, and the extraordinary depths of love.
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I LOVED this book;it reminded me of Rosalind's first novel (One September Morning) which was hard to put down too. I was waiting and waiting for the the shoe to drop and something bad to happen for the first part half of the story,it made me so anxious. I was so relieved that Chelsea had a really supportive family and friend circle that stood by her through her PPD and didn't make her feel worse. I must say that I didn't see the bad character coming,she got me! I give it a solid A.

After the Rain by Karen White
Freelance photographer Suzanne Parks has been on her own since she was fourteen—and she has no intention of settling down, especially not in a tiny town like Walton, Georgia. She’s here to hide out for a little while, not to form connections. Her survival depends on her ability to slip in and out of people’s lives, on never staying in one place for too long.
But no one in Walton plans on making things easy for Suzanne. For one thing, it’s a town where everyone knows everyone else—and they all seem intent on making Suzanne feel right at home. For another, Suzanne can’t help but feel drawn to this tight-knit community—or to the town’s mayor, Joe Walton, and his six kids. But Suzanne can’t afford to stick around, even if she’s finally found a place that she belongs. Because someone is looking for her—someone who won’t stop until her life is destroyed…

(thanks to her website)

A lovely novel that goes back to Walton GA and brings back the great, endearing characters we saw and enjoyed in Falling Home . I thoroughly enjoyed the new story-line  mystery and romance with this character of Suzanne and the classic Joe. A heart-warming novel that showcases Karen's awesome capabilities of roping you into a beautiful family and enjoying every minute of it. I give it an A.

Happy Friday!

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