Thursday, November 8, 2012

things on my mind

{one} November is Prematurity Awareness Month so just like I have done the last couple of years, I will donate $1 every time I buy a drink at Starbucks :) Just something small I decided to do for myself because I love supporting the MoD and I go to Starbucks at least once a week...a win-win for everyone.
World Prematurity Day Cover Image

{two} Tonight, Burn Notice returns! Two hours long, hooray!

{three} I have already participated in TWO swaps this month, no more until December now, I am cutting myself off for the sake of my wallet. I signed up for a fun ornament swap and a coffee mug swap :)

{four} My heart continues to break for the people on the East Coast, I cannot believe they were hit again...keeping them all in my prayers!!

{five} How is Thanksgiving two weeks away?! I am so excited though, most of my siblings will be in town and my parents are hosting (as usual) so we will have a fun time together!

{six} I am so glad the election is over, no more constant phone calls and commercials! (I am not a fan of politics at all!) All I will say is that I hope the President can truly make an improvement in his second term, for the better.

{seven} Girls' night at home tonight, I am thinking some chicago fire then a new hallmark Christmas movie i dvrd last weekend :)

{eight} I hope the NHL's lockout ends soon, now they are all just being ridiculous and spoiled. I say give all the money they are fighting over to people in need, like um to those crushed by Sandy! I just want to watch some Blackhawks' hockey, come on guys!!

Happy Thursday!


  1. great idea about the dollar donation!

  2. the election being over is so amazing enough to be thankful for enough hah.

    I'm SO thrilled about Burn notice.


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