Thursday, November 29, 2012


Bman and I ventured over to the nearby Exploritorium the other morning, it was the perfect cold-weather activity! It is cheap too, only $5 each for non residents (but I must say I think it is big ripoff when kid-centered places make you pay for an adult, it is not like we will be playing there too). We arrived right at opening time so we were the only ones there for a few minutes. This place is basically a smaller version of the Kohls Children's Museum but even better because it is not so loud, big and busy. There are lots of areas: water table, transportation play set, climbing wall, music area, a stage/dress up, coloring spot, and a toddler area.


All of the play areas are in one room and there is even an indoor playground (which freaks me out because if Bman got stuck/scared up there I couldn't just climb up after him lol).
There also is a big "llite brite" !

His fake smile!

Carefully walking!
Chalkboard time!
Self portraits!

He loved dressing up as a Knight and going on the stage and running around.

It was a big success;we would have stayed for longer than our 2 hrs but we had to get home for lunch/nap. He is already asking to go back to play again. I guess I will be putting this on our Monday-adventure schedule :)

Sorry the pictures are a bit blurry,he was on the move the whole time!

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  1. aww looks like so much fun!!! thanks for stopping by my blog! xoxo


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