Tuesday, September 11, 2012

six on a tuesday

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Thanks Lauren and Tiffany!

Six places

1. Wrigley Field-- I love the atmosphere here;people watching, grilled brats and hot dogs, beer and pepsi, watching my beloved Cubs, hanging with family and friends. It is rare that I don't go visit at least once a season. (photos are mine)



2. Australia--The only place I would give anything to go to right now. I have wanted to go visit for years and years (I am pretty sure Steve Irwin started my obsession with everything Aussie). I am just enamored with everything;the accents, switches of seasons, sea beaches, awesome animals, friendly people, great adventures. (photos are from google)

3. NYC--This will always hold a special place in my heart because it was my very first trip alone and very first airplane flight. I loved the sights, the food, the tons of people and the helpful-always-on-the-go environment. So much history,pride and strength in this city. I just want to go again to conquer more of what it has to offer. (photos are mine)

4.South Carolina--I am in love with anything Southern (not sure why) and SC just sounds like the epitome of the South. Plus they are by the ocean :) I want to go visit and eat fried food and hear the Southern accents of the friendly people. (photos are from google)

5.Estes Park,Colorado--I visited two years ago in the Summer and I am itching to back to the beloved Rocky Mts again. The nature, fresh air and endless, unique opportunities are so tempting. I love this place. (photos are mine)

6. North Shore of Illinois--it is where my hometown is and I love it. We are close to the city, close to Wisconsin, we have our own farm, nature center and lots of shopping areas. It is where I grew up and it is a safe and family-friendly suburb.

What are your six places?


  1. I love Estes Park. My husband's grandparents live up near there and we love to go visit!

  2. I want to visit Australia! My cousin lives there right now because of her husband's job. I also want to go to NYC.

  3. Estes Park is amazing! Wrigley Field is on my bucket list--even though hubs is a Cards fan, I'm dying to see a game there.

  4. This is such a great list!

    Have a great week!


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