Tuesday, September 18, 2012

five on a tuesday

10 Day Challenge Link Up

Thanks, Lauren and Tiffany!

A favorite topic of mine for this week: Food

Top 5 Favorites--

Pasta--any noodle, any sauce, any filling. I could eat it everyday! It must be my Italian genes

Cookies--I love any sort of cookie. Oreos are my top pick but I do like a homemade chocolate chip or a cornflake cookie

Pizza--being from the Chicago-area we take our pizza pretty seriously, deep dish is amazing! Pepperoni is the way to go,topping wise

Goldfish/Cheezits crackers--I could/would eat a whole bag or box, I love the cheesiness and saltiness of these crackers. The perfect snack.

Cheese--it is so yummy, muenster or sharp cheddar are my first picks but I can eat my weight in mozzarella too :)

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Cookies, Pizza, cheezeits, and cheese are all favorites of mine!! Awesome!!

  2. Pretty sure I'm starving now! hahaha. Pasta is definitely a fav. I can't ever narrow it down when it comes to food. hahaha. newest follower from the link up party!

  3. you had me at cheese. (was that too cheesy?)

  4. LOVE all of the foods on your list! All of those happen to be some of my favorites. :-) Now I am super hungry....and sad....none of these foods are at my disposal at the momemnt. Bummer! ;-)


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