Tuesday, August 28, 2012

eight on tuesday

10 Day Challenge Link Up

Thanks,Lauren and Tiffany!

Eight Fears
  1. Never having a full-time teaching job
  2. Losing a loved one suddenly
  3. Bugs crawling all over me
  4. Being diagnosed with cancer or another tough disease (I don't know if I would have the strength to fight it)
  5. Car crashes
  6. Clowns...they are not fun/nice they are freaky/scary with all the creepy face makeup on!
  7. Not having my own family one day
  8. Bad people hurting good/innocent people and children
Happy Tuesday,All!


  1. illnesses worry me to. I know its an irrational fear but I cant shake it
    stop by some time

  2. Cancer is awful! I hope that when I have kids, they do not have it.

  3. Car crashes :p I think the scariest thing about that to me is the fact that you can be doing everything right and someone else's mistake can hurt you.

  4. I think if you got a cancer or another disease you would have the strength to fight. It's all about your willpower & determination.
    Love your background on your blog, been looking for one similar!

  5. Thanks for linking up! Car crashes freak me out--I commute 30 min to and from work everyday in rush hour traffic, I always get nervous I may not make it home. So scary!

  6. Car crashes are scary. Been there, done that & do not want to do it again. It's on my mind every time I drive somewhere.


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