Thursday, August 2, 2012



current book(s)
Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen

current play list
kari jobe's newest cd, where i find you

current color
I know this isn't a color but I love anything chevron right now

current food
bowl of cheerios with fresh nectarine and a cup of coffee :)

current favorite show(s)
the Olympics! and friday night lights

current needs
understanding of where/why i am where i am in my life

current triumphs
running three times this week (so far)

current banes of my existence
traffic,rude/impatient drivers

current celebrity crush
ryan locte,but of course!

current #1 blessing
my amazing parents;i wish i had the same strength as they do,especially in trying times

current indulgence
a graham cracker + nutella on both sides + scoop of peppermint ice cream
YUM!! it is like a fancy cold smore :)

current outfit
summer attire: skirt and cute top with sandals

current excitement
looking forward to B&K's wedding which is just 29 days away!!

current mood

current favorite quote or verse
"though i can't find the right words to say,i'll just pray, i'll just pray.
though this world is dark, and my heart is hard and the answers seem so far away,i'll pray"
from moirah peters and rhett walker's song, we pray

current wish list item(s)
a trip to Australia

current favorite product(s)
black-iced tea-lemonade, unsweetened from starbucks
the perfect afternoon pick-me-up on a hot Summer day!

thanks,google for all the images!
What are  your "currents"?

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  1. kudos for your triumphs! that's so hard to do!


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