Thursday, June 21, 2012

thursday fun

Linking up with Neely and Tracy!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's okay that....
I think I drank too much coffee yesterday because I had a bad headache in the afternoon
I haven't gone for a run in almost two weeks (since the 5k I ran...)
My excuse for today is that it is cloudy/rainy
It has been too darn hot out (over 95 degrees each day!)
I am oh-so-loving Friday Night Lights; season three will be started tonight
I am so excited to go see Magic Mike and People Like Us next weekend
I used treated Lovebug #2 as my excuse to go see Madagascar 3 on tuesday afternoon
My big plans for the day involve waking up (check!) and going to the library
I was too lazy to go to the library the other day so I just renewed my items online
I still don't understand His plan for me
Thankful for:
A successful "surprise" procedure done on my Grandpa earlier this week; he is recovering well and acting like his usual 98-year old self :)
My siblings, they are just great, funny and always there
My parents, I don't know how they do it but they are the strongest two people I know all.the.time.
A cool down in the weather-only in the 80s!
Bestie brunch date tomorrow--woo!!
Summer tv shows:Burn Notice, Suits, Deadliest Catch, Common Law, The Glades
Good books: The Witness, Sea Change
Being paid through the Summer even though the school year is "over"
Food to eat, a few extra dollars to spend on treats
My awesome followers who make me smile with each comment,etc---you ladies rock!

Happy Thursday!


  1. ha. my excuse for not walking/running is that I'm sick. it's true, not an excuse ... but poor sherman ... he is due for a walk.

  2. I agree! 95 is too stinking hot to go out for a run (or anything!). And I'm constantly renewing my library books online- love that we can do that :)

  3. I love these lists and I used my family to go see Madagascar 3 too... I loved every bit of it :)


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