Tuesday, March 27, 2012

the leader

following this little dude around is one of my favorite things. he is so bright, funny and inquisitive.

at a little over 2 years old he is so clever and such a fast learner. he has known his colors and animals sounds since before he was even two years old. i know, i know, a little genius in the making :)
i say this all the time but the things that come out of his mouth blow me away. i forgot how much i love this age (it has been awhile since my nieces were this small!) because they are so independent and soak EVERYTHING up.

some of my recent favorites:

"vicccc i good nap!" which he yelled to me the other day when he awoke from his nap.

"just two minutes" he says this when he wants to keep doing something or when he wants us to wait for him.

"dwicious" means "delicious" and i have been working on that for a few weeks, during lunch i usually say it and now he does :)

"vic get coffee?" he knows now that if i stop for a coffee he will usually end up with a chocolate milk.

"hanks/thanks,vic" this one still makes me smile, he says it when he gets something or i do something for him. or even when he was sick and i was rubbing his back (sweetest kid ever!).

"i not take nap" this is said a lot during the morning, even when i don't even mention it lol. yet he always falls right to sleep when he goes down.

"go for it" this made me laugh out loud. when he wanted me to do something for him and i wasn't being quick enough.

and his obsession with lions/tigers/bears/dinosaurs continues. he is usually stomping around growling or roaring,pretending to be one of those things. sometimes i will ask him, "oh are you a tiger?" and he was usually respond with, "no, i a bear,etc,roar!"

"i a bigasaurous not t-rex" for some funny reason he refuses to call a t-rex a t-rex, it is still a big-asaurous".

he also still loves the team umizoomi show and will pretend to be those characters constantly. "i bot/geo/millie...calling team zoomi!"

he also has an awesome evil laugh, so when he takes something he knows isn't his he will do his little laugh and say "i got it".

i adore Bman, just like i adore my other Lovebugs. As I have said before, I am one lucky Aunt!

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