Wednesday, March 14, 2012

book talk

Sunday night my older sister and I went to a Jodi Picoult book talk. Neither of us had been to one of these types of things before so we didn't really know what was going to happen. We both have been avid readers of Jodi's books for years (before she really became well known) but I have to admit I was rather disappointed with this experience. Sure Jodi was nice and all but I felt it was rather boring. She talked for an hour total and more than half of that time was spent on talking about wolves. Seriously, no offense but I didn't really want to learn about the pack mentality of wolves even if they are a part of her newest book, I just felt like she spent too much time on that subject. I wanted to hear more about the overall story, her writing process, how/why she creates her characters and stories, why she writes about rather intense and depressing subject matters. Did she ever want to be a lawyer because most of her books contain courtroom scenes? I wanted to learn more about her as an author and about the books she has written, not about wolves. And she read a part of her book to us, and I am sure it is just me but I don't want to really know about the book before I read it, I want to be "surprised" by parts,especially in a fictional story.

The last bit of the talk was spent answering some questions from the audience and I found that part the most interesting. One question she answered was "why was the ending of movie version of my sister's keeper totally different compared to her book?" Jodi answered with "I don't know, the director changed it and never told me why..." I never saw the movie version until today (coincidentally it was playing on lifetime on sunday night so I recorded it beforehand) and I will admit that I rather liked the movie's ending,it made more sense and was more realistic. Not that Jodi's ending wasn't just as sad and moving, but the movie's ending was more believable and I thought it was more powerful. Also, I loved the acting, well done by all!

Those are my two case you wanted to hear them :)

I am still a fan of Jodi's books and I will be reading her newest one eventually, but I am not sure if I would go see her again (at least not for $11).

Have you ever gone to one of your favorite author's book talks?

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  1. I love Jodi Picoult and her books! I've always wondered about My Sisters Keeper too. Hmm... Interesting! One time, my mom and I went to a book signing where Paula Deen was talking. She was hilarious! It also pays to stay around after and go to the bathroom. She just popped out of a room while we were leaving and had a nice conversation with us! We got a picture, too. :)


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