Friday, March 9, 2012

dear friday



Dear Weekend you are promising to be amazing and very busy but I cannot wait. Dear Self you need to start running again! Dear Bman I love watching/listening to you play on your own;your imagination and creativity ceases to amaze me. Dear Target I am itching to stop by this weekend. Dear Girls in White Dresses I am thoroughly enjoying reading you. Dear cookies I made yesterday you are so delicious and addicting. Dear NY I am pumped to come visit you in a couple weeks! Dear Sunshine I am loving your appearance this week. Dear Lady Antebellum I cannot wait to see you live tonight! Dear Spring I am looking forward to your entrance soon!

Have a fantastic friday & weekend,girls!!
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  1. Love the letters! #1, I agree on the running thing. I definitely need to get back into running! #2, I LOVE Target! I buy everything in there! #3, aren't cookies the best thing in the world? :)


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