Friday, February 10, 2012

Book Club

Yeah for Friday fun courtesy of Heather!

Both books I read this week were rather long (400 + pages) but both rather enjoyable.
The Queen of New Beginnings by Erica James

Alice Shoemaker habitually goes to great lengths to avoid telling the truth about herself and her past. After agreeing to help out a friend, by shopping and cleaning for the unknown man staying at Cuckoo House, she soon becomes suspicious that her strange and obnoxiously rude client has something to hide…
Clayton Miller’s life is a mess. His career as one of the country’s best comedy scriptwriters has stalled and his long-term girlfriend has left him for his ex best friend and ex writing partner. Just when he thinks his life couldn’t get any worse, he commits a spectacularly public fall from grace and with the press hounding him, his agent banishes him to the middle of nowhere until the dust has settled. And there he meets Alice…
When Alice and Clayton discover the truth about each other they form an unlikely friendship – until Alice discovers Clayton has betrayed her in the worst possible way.
(from her website)

This book was a fun read, although I felt it was a bit too long. There was a lot of different stories going on at once closer towards the end so it was a bit annoying. But the two main characters were interesting and fun to follow. It has a sweet ending, and a even a surprise I didn't really see coming. I give this book a B.

One Moment, One Morning by Sarah Rayner
one moment one morning

The Brighton to London line. The 07:44 train. Carriages packed with commuters. One woman occupies her time observing the people around her. Opposite, a girl puts on her make-up. Across the aisle, a husband strokes his wife’s hand. Further along, another woman flicks through a glossy magazine. Then, abruptly, everything changes. A man collapses, the train is stopped, an ambulance called. And for three passengers that particular morning, life will never be the same again.
There’s Lou, in an adjacent seat, who witnesses events first hand. Anna, who’s sitting further up the train, impatient to get to work. And Karen, the man’s wife.
Telling the story of the week following that fateful train journey, One Moment, One Morning is a stunning novel about love and loss, secrets and lies, family and – above all – friendship. Memorable and moving, gripping the reader from the very first page, it’s a stark reminder that sometimes, one moment is all it takes to shatter everything. Yet it also reminds us that somehow, despite it all, life can and does go on.
(from her website)

I love the idea/premise of this book because it is so different and intriguing. So life-like! I devoured this book and I loved that each of the three women had their own issues to overcome/realize/fix. I love British writers, and Sarah doesn't dissappoint. A heart-wrenching yet moving story. I give it an A.

What have you read?

Happy Friday!


  1. One Moment, One Morning sounds like something I would like. I am adding it the list.

  2. I am always amazed at how many books you manage to read a week!

  3. I read One Moment, One Morning recently as well! I wound up enjoying, more than I expected to even, and I'm happy to hear you felt the same


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