Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Today I am loving...

that Bman is over his tummy germs and back to his on-the-go-super-goofy-and-funny self

that I get to be Lovebug #2's special reader tomorrow in her class

not having to cook dinner tonight

reading good books (three in a row!)

planning the weekly coffee date with the Besties

not spending so much on iced coffees from Starbucks (hooray for self control)

hearing Bman pretend to take my picture with his play camera, he said, "say!"

painting with Bman,he likes painting his hand then the paper;whatever works :)

thinking about the future and what He has in store for me!

Link up with Jamie,too.


  1. Such a beautiful list and how fun to be the mystery reader!!

  2. Cute blog!! =) Thanks for the comment on mine! Good things to love today!

  3. Such great things going on for you! Glad your son is feeling better :)

  4. thanks for dropping by my blog yesterday! hope you are a new follower! :) cute cute blog!


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