Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I am loving...

that Christmas is 10 days away!?! (I better finish my shopping soon).

the smell of my sister's fresh Christmas tree as I sit on her couch

the pretty decorations and lights

that I received a free coffee this morn (thanks bestie, E!)

that Lovebug #2 taught B-man to say "ho ho ho" when we ask what santa says

that we are still working on saying "merry christmas"...although Bman's way is cute too,"merry rismas"

looking forward to (almost) my whole family being together this Christmas to celebrate

that we are teaching Bman about the true reason for Christmas, and he likes playing with the manger set that has baby jesus,mary,joseph,wisemen and the angel.

that we are going to go pick our Christmas tree on sunday!

peppermint jo-jos AND peppermint ice-cream :)

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  1. I love everything about this time of year!
    Especially all the lights & music!

  2. I love a real Christmas tree! I'm hoping we get one next year!


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