Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Thanks again to Roots and Rings  for the link-up. How can I not join in on the fun when the topic is "pasta"?!?!  I am half Italian and I love me some pasta!

1. Red Sauce or White Sauce?
I love both, although red sauce is used more frequently because I only use white sauce with fettuccine...and what about pesto?! Pesto is awesome on any type of pasta.
2. Do you prefer pasta you can twirl or stab?
I really don't have a preference, I just prefer pasta in general :)
3. Baked or boiled?
Oh man, nothings beats a baked pasta that is gooey and cheesy and delicious. Lasagna, baked penne,baked shells,gnocchi--yummm! But boiled in water is quicker on a week day night.
4. Do you like meat in your sauce or do you kick it vegetarian style?
I am a big fan of meatballs with red sauce. Or else just no-meat works. Oooo or with Italian sausage!
5. Where have you had your very best pasta ever?
I wish I could say some amazing place in Italy, but not today....for now I will have to say any homemade dish. I love my family's lasagna, baked shells, or baked penne. It is all the love that makes the difference. Although there is an amazing Italian place downtown in WrigleyVille where I had homemade gnoochi and that was DREAMY and DELICIOUS.
6. What is your favorite pasta dish?

Man, such a tough question, that is like asking me with one of my nieces/nephews is my favorite :)
I will have to say lasagna has always been and still is my favorite pasta dish.
7. Do you serve meatballs when you make spaghetti or just do a meat sauce?
If they are in the house I will serve them, but they are not always in stock in the kitchen so sometimes it is just spaghetti and red sauce (with fresh Parmesan shredded on top and some gardiner).
8. Why type (rice, whole wheat, egg, etc) of noodles do you use?
Um, just regular, normal type :) So, that would be egg....
9. What type of meats or vegetables do you put in your sauce?
Sometimes the meat is meatballs or Italian sausage....and garlic,tomatoes,onion, and Italian seasonings go in the red sauce.
10. Do you make a “Sunday gravy” to use throughout the week or do you just open a jar of whatever and heat it up? (No judgment on this one!)
Normally it is jar, it tastes just as great as homemade and let's be honest it is much quicker. But if we make a baked dish it is usually with homemade sauce.

Great, now I want to go eat my weight in pasta :)

Your turn to link-up!

Happy Tuesday!

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