Monday, October 10, 2011

Style File:Jennifer Garner

This week's pick for my favorite celebrity style/fashion is....Jennifer Garner!

I have adored her since her Alias days and no matter what she is doing she always looks cute, stylish,casual and "normal". I love that she cares more about being a Mom than being a celebrity and that she wears what works for her and her life. And let me just admit that if I am ever pregnant some time way down the road, I hope to look like her, she is one classy pregnant lady.

Here are some of my favorites---



(All images are from google)

Thanks again, Courtney; I love this link-up!

Who's style are you admiring?


  1. i love her!! also since Alias :) she is so real and inspiring and classy!

  2. She is just so stinkin' cute in everything she wears!! I love her classic style and as you said, she cares more about being a mommy than a celebrity!! Thanks for linking up!!


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