Friday, October 7, 2011

The one I read....

...this week for Book Club

was Promises to Keep by Ann Tatlock.

(from her website) Eleven-year-old Rosalind (Roz) Anthony escapes an abusive home life when her mother decides to leave her husband and take the children to another state. Leaving Minnesota behind and settling in Mills River, Illinois, the family is surprised to wake up one day and find a stranger on their front porch, reading the morning paper. That stranger is 70-year-old Tillie Monroe, the former owner who aims to die in the house her husband built for her and where she lived all her married life—before her sons sold the place out from under her. Tillie’s insistence on coming home proves a godsend for the family in ways they could never imagine.
I really enjoyed this book because it is a fast-paced and intriguing story. You are just waiting to see what happens with the situation of Roz and her dad and how it affects her family. Also, it takes place in a different time and different way of life. I am looking forward to reading more of Ann's work.

And I only read and finished one book this week because I started and am still reading the very long (over 500 pages) novel called, Matterhorn. So next week I should be finished with it and be ready to review it :)

Happy Friday & Happy Reading!

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