Saturday, October 15, 2011

Keith Urban World Tour 2011

It was an AMAZING show!! Keith was on stage from about 8:30 til past 11:00 and then he gave an encore. B and I had a great time singing along, dancing and people watching :)  I haven't been to a concert in a few years but I thought Keith's show was fantastic; he was fun,energetic and genuinely happy to be there performing. He took the time to (try to) read all the signs people made and to make everyone feel included. I loved that he brought up a few people from the audience too,so personable and friendly :)  I will definitely have to catch him on his next tour. And his opening act, Jake Owen was great fun too; he even came back out for the encore at the end.

Jake Owen's act...

This girl was brought on stage because her sign said "instead of putting me in a song, can you put me up on stage?" Cleverness paid off for her!

Keith had a lot of cool lights throughout the whole show, always changing and moving around.

His stage was so simple and then he had a couple of platforms around the floor so he could move around more and be a part of the audience.

For one part of the show he had a neat guitar that lit up and changed colors!

Just before the show ended, he went back into the audience and at the end of the song he gave away his guitar! The girl was totally shocked, she couldn't believe what had happened.

 Encore time!

Jake Owen back on stage.

A very fun Friday night out with bestie B!

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