Tuesday, September 13, 2011

what i made...

I like to watch Giada's cooking show, mostly to see what tasty dish or treat I can replicate. I have been wanting to make these raspberry brownies for awhile now so the other day I whipped them up. They are super easy because you use a boxed brownie mix (thank you, universe!). And even though I don't have raspberry jam at the moment I used blackberry and it was just as satisfying. I made this recipe from memory, so I  made the brownies as I normally do then I heated up a few spoon fulls of blackberry jam on the stove, just so it is more of a liquid consistency (low heat, stirring it for a minute or two is all you need).

 Then I poured the jam over the brownie batter that was in my pan....

Then baked them according to the brownie box's directions. And took them out to cool...

And well, hello there, vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce drizzle!

These brownies are just as tasty the next day with a glass of milk, too. The bite of blackberry jam along with the chocolate is divine. But I learned the hard way that instead of using a small spatula to cut them up, maybe use a sharp knife because the jam kept sticking and making a mess of the brownies as I went along....at least it didn't effect their flavor :)


  1. Oh my goodness these look delicious! I may have to try making them... Thank you so much for stopping by and following me! I am your newest follower :)


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