Monday, August 8, 2011

A-Z facts

Surprise, surprise, I found another link-up! This one is really fun plus you might learn something new about me :)  Thank you, E.

A - Age: 24 
B - Bedtime: Since it is the Summer and I am not working during the week, I usually go to bed between 11 and 12. During the school year though, when I work, I try to be in bed by 10:30/10:45.
C - College: University if Illinois! Go Illini!!
D - Dogs: No dogs anymore, probably a new one in our future though. I want a chocolate lab to name
Mocha :) Clever choice, I know.
E - Everyday necessity: Coffee...laughter
 F - From: Just north of Chicago
G - Gold or Silver?: Silver...although I do like to wear my gold cross necklace a lot
H - Holiday: Only one answer-Christmas!! My family will attest to the fact that I am obsessed with everything and anything related to the magical holiday. I love it!! 
I - Ice Cream:  Chocolate or chocolate peanut butter. I also love peppermint and cookies n cream
J - Job title: Elementary school Teacher...and a nanny...and Aunt Vic :)
K - Karaoke go-to song: No idea, I have never sung karaoke and I have no intention of doing so; my voice isn't pretty so why put others through the pain
L - Live: Same place I grew up....for now....
M - Movie: What comes to mind right now-sweet home alabama,the hangover,morning glory,due date...
N - Night or Morning person?: I suppose "night" but I do like getting up and starting my day with a quiet, coffee-filled routine. I just don't really talk right away. 
O - Outside lover?: I do like the outside but I am not a fan of the bugs, especially if they are crawling on me. But I love to bike, walk, hike, play, relax, go swimming, run
P - Pet peeve: People that chew nosily, rude people,slow drivers 
Q - Quirk: Facing labels in the same direction, having things in a particular/organized fashion...I am slightly ocd :)
R - Restaurant: This is tough....any place that serves Italian food...or a breakfast place. 
S - Sports: I never played any sports on a team growing up, just the usual football, baseball,etc with my brothers or in school. I do love to watch baseball, hockey and cycling. I wish I was a pro swimmer or diver or surfer because it seems so cool. 
T - Team: Chicago CUBS! The Blackhawks! and the ILLINI!!
U - Urban or Rural areas?: I like urban better since there is more activity and things to do. And it is all close(ish) together. I sort of wish I were a country girl but I don't think I would like the quietness all the time or the slight isolation. 
V - Vacation: I LOVED Colorado last Summer, I want to go see the Rocky Mts again and again.
W - Weather: There is something to a crisp, sunny Fall day where a pair of jeans and a cute sweater and some stylish books are the perfect outfit for relaxing and sipping on a Pumpkin Spice Latte.
X - Xtra special facts about you: I am a deep sleeper...I have a twin sister...I have 6 siblings
Y: Yogurt (froyo) Toppings: The only frozen yogurt I eat is a chocolate/vanilla twist from our local dairy bar...or from dairy queen where I get some sort of chocolate blizzard---yum!!
Z - Zoo Animal: Dolphins, polar bears and elephants are my main attractions :)

Happy Monday! I am going on a park date with LBs 2 and 4 then getting together for coffee with a good friend from college that I haven't seen in way too long....what are you up to?


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you linked up. Great to get to know you better!!

  2. i love colorado too! we were actually in telluride last summer at this time. totally miss it!

  3. Love getting to know you better! I laughed when you said you wanted a chocolate lab to name Mocha. My friend has a chocolate and she named her Hershey! haha.

  4. I think I have the same exact quirk AND pet peeve as you do!


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