Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Words on Wednesday

I am sure I say this every month BUT where the heck has August gone?! How is it going to be September tomorrow?!  Oh and since when has August had 31 days? I was thrilled to realize this yesterday :)

Freak accident today-my brother tossed a fork to me and it slipped through my fingers and landed on my toe, and since I was wearing sandals I now have a small injury from a fork....wacky!

I love looking at these pictures of the B-man, especially when he is chasing me in his cookie monster shirt :) (Ignore his lame Flyers t-shirt;his Dad is from Philly and he got him dressed...too bad he got ice cream on it-wink wink).

I am really excited to start working with the after school program in a couple more weeks!

Top Chef: Just Desserts is back on; I discovered this tonight.

There are a handful of new Fall tv shows that I plan to check out (Heart of Dixie, Pan Am, Up all Night, New Girl,Once Upon a Time,Unforgettable)

I so did not have two cups of Starbucks coffee today (on top of my normal cup of coffee in the morning)....and it wasn't beacuse I worked from 7:30am to 9 pm.....

I hope you had a good Hump Day!

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