Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wedding fun

Yesterday my family and I attended a family wedding and there was lots of fun had :)

Before the ceremony-

After the ceremony, waiting for the bride and groom...

 Cocktail hour!

Drinks before cocktail hour with the family. We toasted to new baby Carlisle!

Big brother M being nutty....K and me

Candid shot of me and K (thanks to big bro B)

I tried sushi for the first time, it wasn't so gross but it sure was chewy :)

Groom and His Mother dance (my cousin and my aunt)
First Dance

Bridal Party

Our table's centerpiece, very pretty.

T and J dancing it up!

K and B....the next family wedding is theirs!

The wedding cake...

The J family (my mom and her sisters and brother)...and they wonder why we are goofy :)

Aunt J, my Mom, Aunt B, Aunt M

Dad and his first born daughter

 My oldest brother J and his lovely wife C

I can't wait for the next family Summer :)

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