Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tuesday Ten

I couldn't pass this one up! The top ten places I want to visit....Thanks Jen!

1. Australia

2. Pikes Place to see the original Starbucks (Washington State)

3. Ireland

4. Italy-Rome,etc
5. The Grand Canyon

6. Nashville, TN

7. Portugal

8. New York

9. Santa Barbara, CA (or really any beach location in Cali)

10. Southern France (especially when the Tour is passing through)

I like this list and one day I hope to be able to cross them all of my "life list"...along with New Zealand, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, England, Canada, North and South Carolina,Poland, Germany  dozens of other places.

All images are once again from Google.


  1. Yay thanks for participating. :) Pike's Place Market is FABULOUS! According to my market tour guide, that isn't actualllly the original starbucks.. It was the third or fourth? The first two burned down or something like that. BUT they do have the original sign! So, I guess it still counts. haha

  2. Come visit the California Ks and we will take you to see the beaches and all the fun stuff around Orange County and L.A. M hates that stuff and I would love to take someone to Hollywood, etc.


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