Saturday, June 25, 2011

While in MN this past week I saw a few movies (who doesn't love redbox $1 rentals?!)

The Dilemma
I love Vince Vaughn and the movie is set in Chicago. It was funny and more serious than silly, I thought. Definitely worth a $1 rental!

Due Date
Hilarious! A few awkward/dirty moments but that was to be expected. Also worth the $1 rental.

Fair Game
It looked/sounded better than it was. We started it and about thirty minutes in we turned it off. It was more like a documentary than a movie with a plot. At least it was only a $1 rental :)

I am not really into the sci-fi/fantasy films but this movie wasn't so bad. A $1 rental was just the right price :)

Have you rented any movies lately?

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