Monday, February 21, 2011

weekend points

my weekend...
  • I babysat friday night, saturday night and sunday afternoon
  • I went to church and had pizza with the family
  • I finished reading final appeal by lisa scottoline
  • I had a girls' night out with K
  • K and I ate dinner at potbelly's and we both had their new wreck salad. I also splurged and bought one of their delicious oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.
  • We saw unknown -the new thriller with liam nesson. It was really good and it has an interesting twist at the end
  • The weekly coffee date was had and thoroughly enjoyed. P and I browsed at Von Maur and I bought a blouse that was on sale
  • I had my first encounter with an ipad and I must say that it is pretty neat
  • I finished watching how i met your mother season 5
  • Since today is a day off  (thank you, Presidents) we had a little family lunch out
A great weekend was had :)

I hope you had a great weekend as well!

I am looking forward to hawaii five-o tonight :)

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