Tuesday, February 8, 2011


i have noticed that the sun is out much longer these days; until after 5! spring/summer is getting closer....

little b likes to watch sesame street for a bit each day and since i grew up on it (who didn't?!) i like to watch it too. it is so funny to see all the celebrities that make apperances; some of the ones i have seen are: neil patrick harris, adam sandler, alton brown, jennifer garner, tim and faith, wanda sykes, miranda bailey ( i know that is not her real name but i can't think of it right now) and ryan reynolds.

oh man, i bought another workout dvd on amazon (for super cheap,people) and i couldn't stop laughing when i first turned it on. i didn't know it was from the 80s/early 90s AND they filmed it in a factory AND there is a guy in the background who is a welder during the whole workout AND one of the participants is wearing an eye patch (no joke!) AND the camera zooms in/out and all around AND the color changes from black-white to color to sepia through out it all. BUT it a good workout so I will keep it plus it  makes me laugh just watching it during early morning hours. :)

i finished reading the girl with the dragon tattoo and i ended up liking it after such a slow beginning. i am looking forward to reading the second one soon. and i just finished reading the book, rumor has it by (author that  is new to me) jill mansell-and i really enjoyed it.

happy tuesday, everyone!!

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