Wednesday, February 23, 2011

peace and quiet

Peace and quiet is a needed balance, at least in my life.

Peace comes when I watch LB#2 do 100 jumping-jacks as she counts by ones, fives and even tens

Quiet comes when I have some time to sit and read a good book

Peace arrives when LB #4 is walking around all by himself

Quiet comes when sesame street is on during lunch

Peace is present when I watch hawaii five-o with the family

Quiet is around during my drives to work, I sip my coffee and listen to "eric and kathy" (in the morning) and k-love (in the afternoon)

Peace comes when I arrive home and get dinner ready

Quiet is around while I check blogs, email and

Peace is present when the lovebugs chatter nonstop in the morning  as soon as I arrive

Quiet arrives during the little guy's nap

Peace is back when I hear him awake and "talking" and when I go into his room there is always a big smile plastered on his face

Peace comes when LB #4 asks "at? at? at?" (that) countless times a day

Quiet is here when he finds his book bin and goes to town

Peace is present when I pick the girls up from school and I ask about their days

Quiet comes when I say my prayers at night

Peace comes when a new day begins

Peace and quiet may be hard to come by every day, but I have chosen to discover them all around me, each day.

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