Monday, August 25, 2014

the weekend

Mingle 240Weekend Recap

This weekend was much needed after the busy week I had. I relaxed and slept in and enjoyed some down time. This weekend was for:

chores and errands
a much "needed" Target trip
coffee with Bestie P
browsing etsy for Blackhawks things
planning other excursions
text conversations with my brothers and Besties
reading dear daughter (I am almost done!)
brunch with some of the family--yum!!
chatting in the backyard with Oldest brother J and sis C
painting my nails
laughing :)


  1. oooh etsy is SO addictive! i spent a lot of time on there yesterday! xo jillian - stop by, im hosting a great giveaway on cornflake dreams

  2. Sounds like a great weekend with a mix of fun and productivity! I think I'm going to go check out that Mingle Monday blog link-up.

  3. I LOL'ed at the "much needed" Target trip! I know exactly what you mean!

  4. Definitely all things that make a great weekend :)


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