Friday, June 27, 2014

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Katy Carter Wants A Hero Ruth Saberton
Katy Carter Wants a Hero
Katy Carter knows she's no domestic goddess—she's scatterbrained, needs a fire extinguisher at the ready when she's cooking, and falls off the diet wagon on a daily basis. But that doesn't stop her fantasizing about a hero to call her own. And Katy thinks she's found him in fiancĂ© James, a charming, high-flying city banker. So why, then, does Katy find herself scribbling steamy historical romances every spare moment she gets, and daydreaming about becoming a published author when she ought to be paying attention in staff meetings? As her wedding day looms, Katy determines to become a wife James can be proud of, and employs the help of her best friend Oliver to impress his colleagues and his family. But despite best laid plans, the pair set off a hilarious train of events that leads Katy on a crazy journey through celebrity, chaos, makeovers, and, finally, into the arms of her hero.
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I love a British author and rom-com book,they are so fun but I must admit that I was greatly disappointed with this one. It was my first RS book and I am a little hesitant to read another one of works. This story just seemed so wacky and the characters were rather obnoxious;it seemed like whatever could happen did happen to Katy. the ending seemed forced and the writing wasn't even that great.I give this a D.

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  1. aw, too bad! i got excited when i saw this post because i too love these sorts of books ("british rom com" is the best way to put it!).


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