Monday, April 23, 2012

(more ) birthday fun!

Saturday night my Besties and I went downtown to play "tourists". We had dinner at the classic and Chicago-staple, Gino's East. Nothing beats Chicago-style pizza (and I have had a true NY slice and it is tasty but Chicago is better) :)


Then we walked over to the Hancock Building for drinks at the Signature Lounge.

Such a cool view of the city (even in the bathroom--ha!).

It was a fun way to celebrate my 25th with my best girls!!


  1. I went to New York a few years back and ordered 2 pieces of pizza. The people I was with (even large men) asked if I was sure. I was like "are you guys crazy? Only one piece? I'm starving!" Little did I know they were going to be HUGE! I was definitely a tourist ha ha nice view! I need to see Chicago again!

  2. When I was in Jersey this weekend, my friends kept telling me to try the pizza. No thanks. Ginos, Lous, Connies, Baracos, hands down:)
    I also love the Signature room. Best view, with some stiff drinks!

  3. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!


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