Thursday, March 13, 2014


To say that I am excited about going to Nashville for a Besties trip would be quite an understatement! I have wanted to go to Nashville for a long time,I love a lot of country music and yes,I even watch Nashville (who doesn't like original songs and Connie Briton?!). Besties P and K and I will be going down to Nashville in a couple of weeks and staying in Opryland for a few days.

We used this handy-dandy website to plan most of our activities/sights: Travel to Nashville!

On our list:
Corsair Distillery (no trip to the South is complete without a taste of whiskey or bourbon!)
Eating at Pancake Pantry and a good bbq joint (tons to choose from)
Touring the Grand Ol Opry (duh!)
Belle Meade Plantation  (hello,history and stunning images that we have only read about)
Nashville Zoo
Downtown Nashville each night for live music,people watching and good food and drinks
Stopping at the local Mall :)
The Parthenon,for a cool photo opportunity,of course.

Anyone from Nashville or have you visited recently? How does our tourist list took?


Besides the girl time,exploring and seeing,I cannot wait to just relax and soak it all up and not have to worry about work :)

Nashville,get ready!!

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  1. I LOVE Nashville! You've got a great list there. Pancake Pantry is so good (get there early or be prepared to wait in line awhile). Belle Meade Plantation is beautiful and provides a great tour. Downtown Nashville is a MUST! Just do some bar hopping, and you will hear some fantastic music. I've done everything else you listed except the distillery, and it's all worth your time. I would recommend eating at Whiskey Kitchen for a nice Southern dinner, and I HIGHLY recommend The Pharmacy for a more casual lunch (fantastic burgers - order their homemade Creamsicle soda!).


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